Rajasthan Rural and Urban Olympics: More than 53 lakh people got registered, kabaddi craze in villages

Jaipur. Rajiv Gandhi Rural and Urban Olympic Games will be organized from June 23, the day of International Olympic Day. People have shown special enthusiasm towards this. A record number of registrations have been done to participate in these games. By the evening of June 15, 2023, the last date for registration, more than 53 lakh people got registered. The sports department of the state has made preparations for the rural games. This time along with rural games, urban games are also going to be organized. The Sports Department claims that for the first time in the world such a large number of players will participate in any competition. Earlier, about 30 lakh people of the state had participated in the Rural Olympic Games held last year.

Jaipur Municipal Corporation (Greater) Commissioner Mahendra Soni and Municipal Heritage Commissioner Rajendra Singh Shekhawat told that these games will be organized at the gram panchayat and municipality level across the state. There is a special enthusiasm among the participants to participate in the games. The state government had set a target of 50 lakh registrations for these games, compared to which there have been far more registrations. Players and teams have started preparing vigorously for the Games with enthusiasm. The Municipal Corporation of Jaipur has completed its preparations regarding the Urban Olympics.

craze in rural areas
State Sports Council President Krishna Poonia said that more than 41 lakh 48 thousand people have registered themselves to participate in the Rural Olympic Games, while more than 12 lakh 36 thousand people have registered for the Urban Olympic Games. Till Thursday evening, the maximum number of 12 lakh 48 thousand 622 registrations have been done for the Kabaddi competition in the Rural Olympic Games. Of these, 9 lakh 72 thousand 992 are male and 2 lakh 75 thousand 554 are female. In the Urban Olympic Games, the maximum number of registrations have been done for tennis ball cricket, 2 lakh 72 thousand 802, out of which 2 lakh 50 thousand 345 are men and 22 thousand 447 are women.

Olympic Games will run for more than two months
The Rajiv Gandhi Rural and Urban Olympic Games will conclude on 29 August. Along with the Sports Department, Sports Council and Education Department, the urban bodies have also joined vigorously in their preparations regarding these games. There was great enthusiasm in the last rural Olympic Games. This time again this event is going to be held on a bigger scale. There will be a big challenge with the administration regarding the organization and arrangements, while there will also be an attempt to gain political advantage of these games, but only time will tell for whom these games will be helpful.

So many registrations for rural games
Total 8 lakh 1 thousand 82 registrations for tennis ball cricket, 7 lakh 67 thousand 919 registrations for tug of war competition, 5 lakh 82 thousand 674 registrations for kho-kho competition, 3 lakh 38 thousand 339 registrations for volleyball, 3 lakh 38 thousand 339 registrations for football 2 lakh 87 thousand 194 registrations, 1 lakh 31 thousand 341 registrations for shooting ball, 2 lakh 62 thousand 668 registrations for athletics (100 meters), 1 lakh 14 thousand 448 registrations for athletics (200 meters) and athletics (400 meters) ) 53 thousand 345 registrations have been done.

Here is the registration figure in the Urban Olympic Games
Total 1 lakh 91 thousand 112 registrations for Kabaddi, 1 lakh 50 thousand 53 registrations for participating in Kho-Kho, 81 thousand 324 registrations for participating in volleyball, 81 thousand 324 registrations for participating in football games in Urban Olympic Games There have been 72 thousand 618 registrations and a total of 38 thousand 731 registrations for the basketball competition.

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