Rajasthan’s mermaid diabetic patient’s amazing waterfall, crossed the English Channel by competing with the waves


Jharna is the only Indian international open water swimmer
Jharna has been doing open water swimming for the last three years.

Udaipur. International open water swimmer Jharna Kumawat of Udaipur, the city of lakes in Rajasthan, has brought laurels to Udaipur in the world by crossing the English Channel with her five-member relay team. Jharna has achieved this success with her passion and passion by crossing the dangerous sea route despite high tide and bad weather. Jharna, working as a contract officer for the National Health Service in England, told that on August 3, she has succeeded in crossing the channel with the relay team. He had earlier received the schedule of July 29 from the channel administration. But due to the continuously deteriorating weather, had to wait. After this, the date of 3 August was fixed.

Jharna told that the 33 km sea route from England’s Dover Beach to France was extremely risky. His relay team successfully crossed the distance from Dover to France in 14 hours 40 minutes. Swimmers from Brazil, Mozambique, Kenya, Peru and Indonesia were with him in this relay. After starting from Dover Beach, each swimmer had to swim for one and a quarter hours at a time. Jharna had to swim twice while swimming. It got the time slot for the first time at 7 o’clock in the evening and the second time at 2 o’clock the next day.

If I tried to move forward, the waves would throw me back again
Jharna covered a distance of four and a half km in 1 hour 15 minutes when the weather was a bit favorable for the first time. After that she came back on the boat. Being the fifth number swimmer, his number came again after 7 hours but by then the weather had turned bad. The high waves of the sea took a very tough test of the waterfall. If she tried to move forward, the waves would throw her back again. The water was very cold. Vomiting was coming on repeated ingestion of salt water and it was difficult to see anything in the darkness of the night. That 1 hour 15 minutes of constant struggle and hesitation with the waves was very challenging.

from your city (Udaipur)

Exhausted from seasickness and vomiting
While continuously swimming on the high rising waves, finally the waterfall has completed its journey. It is a matter of fact that by then she was completely exhausted due to seasickness and vomiting. The coach said that at that time the tide was 5.6 nautical miles. In the language of swimming, it is called club five. The one who can cross this wind by swimming is called a champion swimmer with steely spirits. Jharna says that after her second attempt, the sea became relatively calm. Subsequent swimmers did not have much difficulty in reaching the successful finish line.

three years of hard work paid off
Jharna is the only Indian international open water swimmer in this year’s relay race. Her mother social worker Sushma Kumawat told that it was a great pleasure for her to have Jharna selected for the relay team by the English Channel Federation. He got more happiness on crossing the English Channel. Congratulations have poured in from all over the country and abroad for the waterfall. Jharna has been doing open water swimming for the last three years. Has been living in England for the last 12 years. He had also participated in the London Swimming Marathon last year.

The purpose of the relay race is to help the needy
Jharna told that the English Channel Relay was organized by an English charity organization named Swimtayka. He swam for the Swimtayka Peru team. This relay was organized to raise funds and awareness for charity. The waterfall has a deep connection with Udaipur. It was from here that he took training in association with the swimming association.

Jharna is suffering from type one diabetes
Jharna tells that she is a type one diabetic patient. They need medical attention and check-up several times a day. Even during English Channel swimming, he had to take injections continuously. Glucose monitor is fixed in his body. Jharna tells that every time I present a big goal in front of myself as a challenge and I win on the basis of courage and hard work. She wants to provide all possible help to the needy.

The goal is to save those drowning in the sea.
Swimtayka, an English charity, provides free swimming lessons to beach children in South Asia, America and Indonesia. Thousands of people die untimely due to drowning every year in coastal areas. SwimToyka sends volunteers to these countries to teach swimming and rescue techniques to raise awareness.

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