Thursday, October 28, 2021

Ranchi former team india captain mahendra singh dhoni fan adesh soni has been waiting to meet him by staying in ranchi modmk8

Ranchi. The former captain of Team India and the prince of Ranchi, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, are crazy about the whole world. His fan following is tremendous. The craze of Dhoni’s fans often makes headlines on social media. But now one of his fans has done something so that Mahi may also do it to meet him. Adesh Soni, a resident of Raipur, the capital of Chhattisgarh, has been camping in Ranchi for the last one and a half months, making up his mind to meet Dhoni.

When Aadesh reached Ranchi, he got information about Dhoni being out of Ranchi. After this, he made up his mind to stay in Ranchi and wait for his favorite player. Aadesh has promised himself that till he does not meet Dhoni. Till then he will not leave Ranchi.

Dhoni’s Jabra fan Adesh Soni considers him his God. He got Mahi tattooed on his chest on his birthday. The orders running the motivational class show that they have considered Dhoni as their motivational guru. He even says that Mahi’s entire life is full of motivation. The reason behind this thinking is that Mahi has to come out of a small town and make a mark around the world due to his talent. Aadesh aspires to do something similar in life, considering his ideal as inspiration.

Aadesh Soni is living in Ranchi leaving home and family

Aadesh Soni, the father of a child, considers himself a lucky husband and a better father. He told that when he decided to come to Ranchi to meet Dhoni, his wife got a little angry. Didn’t talk for three or four days. But Adesh, who considered Mahi as his guru, listened to his heart and left for Ranchi, taking his wife into confidence. Today the wife also supports Aadesh’s decision.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is currently playing IPL in Dubai. But he might not know that a crazy fan is waiting for him in his own city Ranchi. Aadesh is confident that the prince of Ranchi will definitely meet him on his return home.

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