Ranji trophy 2022 jammu and kashmir vs railways 5000th ranji match ranji trophy history

new Delhi. Jammu and Kashmir and Railways (Jammu Kashmir vs Railways) The Ranji Trophy being played in Chennai between (Ranji Trophy) The match today was a historic moment for this tournament, as it is the 5000th match in the history of Ranji Trophy. In this match, Jammu and Kashmir captain Ian Dev Singh won the toss and decided to bat first. The Ranji Trophy is a domestic first-class cricket championship played between several teams representing regional and state cricket associations in India. This tournament, which started about 87 years ago, has completed its 5 thousand matches today. Know the complete journey of Ranji Trophy till here

  • When was the first season of Ranji Trophy played?

  • Ranji Trophy was organized for the first time in the year 1934-35, about 87 years ago from today. Bombay (now Mumbai) won the first title of this competition. In the first final of the tournament, Bombay defeated Northern India. The trophy was named after former cricketer Ranjit Singh. Ranjit Singh ji represented England in Test cricket at the international level. A total of 38 teams are currently participating in the Ranji Trophy.

  • In which year was it not organized in the history of Ranji Trophy?

  • For the first time in the journey of 87 years of Ranji Trophy, this competition could not be organized in the last year 2020-21 season. The reason for this was the corona virus.

  • Which batsman has scored the most runs in Ranji Trophy?

  • Indian batsman Wasim Jaffer’s bat scored a lot of runs in the Ranji Trophy. The record of scoring the highest 12 thousand 38 runs is recorded in the name of Wasim Jaffer. Apart from this, he holds the record for most 155 matches, most 40 centuries and most 7 centuries in a season. Wasim Jaffer represented Vidarbha and Mumbai in the Ranji Trophy.

  • Who took the most wickets in Ranji Trophy?

  • Rajendra Goyal holds the record for taking most wickets in Ranji Trophy. Goyal took a total of 640 wickets from 1958 to 1985. Although he could never play for India.

  • Who has recorded the biggest innings in Ranji Trophy?

  • The record of playing the biggest innings in Ranji Trophy in the name of BB Nimbalkar is still recorded. In the year 1948-49, he played an unbeaten innings of 443 runs against Kathiawar while playing for Maharashtra. Seeing this innings of Nibalkar, Sir Don Bradman also believed that he could have broken his record that day. Bradman’s best score in first-class cricket is 452 not out. In this match, the captain of Kathiawad had refused to field, due to which Nimbalkar missed out on breaking Bradman’s record.

  • Who has won Ranji Trophy the most times?

  • Mumbai has been dominating in Ranji Trophy. Mumbai has done the charisma of winning the Ranji Trophy the most 41 times. Yes, it is true that Mumbai’s dominance in the Ranji Trophy has weakened over the years. The Mumbai team last won the Ranji Trophy title in 2015-16. After that in the 2016-17 season, Gujarat defeated Mumbai in the final. Since then, Mumbai’s team failed to reach the finals of this competition.

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