Ranji Trophy: 38 teams are taking part in Ranji Trophy, teams were counted in the first season


There have been many changes in the format of Ranji Trophy since then.
When it started in 1934, teams were divided into zones.

new Delhi. Ranji Trophy is considered to be one of the toughest tournaments in domestic cricket i.e. the pillar of Indian cricket. It is very difficult to make a debut in this and the reward for performing here is a chance to play in the jersey of the Indian team. Since the beginning of Ranji Trophy, a lot of changes have been made till now. Due to the increase in time and the number of teams, so much has changed from its format to the rules.

Ranji Trophy was started for the first time in the year 1934 and since then many changes have taken place in the tournament. This season of 2022-23 is the 88th edition of Ranji Trophy. When it started in the first season, the teams were less, then the teams increased and its popularity also increased. There has been a lot of difference between the initial format and today’s format.

How many teams were there in the first edition

In 1934-35 Ranji Trophy was played only among 15 teams. These teams were divided into 4 different zones (East, West, North and South). The tournament was played in knockout format. The first match was played between Madras (now Tamil Nadu) and Mysore (now Karnataka). The amazing thing is that the decision of this match had come in 1 day itself. The Karnataka team was able to score only 48 and 59 runs in the first innings. The Tamil Nadu team had scored 130 runs in the first innings. The team won the match by an innings and 23 runs.

how many teams are playing now

A total of 38 teams play in Ranji including state, union territory and region. In this, all those clubs which have the status of playing first class cricket can be included. Before 2002, the tournament was played in zone format only but after that it was abolished. Now Ranji Trophy is divided into elite group. This tournament, played on the lines of knockout, is now played in round robin format.

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