ranji trophy final sarfaraz khan celebrated like sidhu moosewala after his century against madhya pradesh | Video: Sarfaraz became emotional as soon as he hit a century, remembered Sidhu Musewala and made the day of fans

Ranji Trophy Final: Mumbai Ranji team cricketer Sarfaraz Khan on Thursday dedicated his century in the Ranji Trophy final against Madhya Pradesh to his father and coach Naushad Khan, here. Sarfaraz, who took Mumbai to 374 runs in the first innings by scoring a century, had tears in his eyes, he told reporters, ‘This century is because of my father, it is because of his sacrifice and at that time I have to hold my hand. The reason is when I was disappointed.

Emotional remembering father

Both Naushad’s sons Sarfaraz and Musheer play in the Mumbai team. When asked whether the dream of making a place in the Indian team is on the way to fulfillment? Sarfaraz’s eyes twitched in response to this question. He said, ‘Our life is all about the little dreams that we cherish. We (he and his father) see dreams together. The close to 2000 runs I have scored in two seasons since my return to Mumbai are all because of my father.

All credit given to father

When there is no match, both the brothers practice for six to seven hours each day under the supervision of their father. Due to some disciplinary issues, Sarfaraz had to go to Uttar Pradesh for a season and he spent ‘cooling off’ time before returning, after which he was again selected in the Mumbai team. Sarfaraz said, ‘You all know what happened to me. If Abbu had not lived, I would have been finished.

He said, ‘There were so many problems and I get emotional when I think about how my father tackled these. He didn’t leave my hand even once. My brother has put a ‘status’ on his phone and I can see how happy Abbu is. It’s my day.

Celebrated like Sidhu Musewala

Sarfaraz is a fan of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala who was recently shot dead by a gang. After scoring a century, Sarfaraz celebrated in the style of Moosewala (by hitting his thigh). When asked about it, Sarfaraz said, ‘It was for Sidhu Musewala. I love his songs and mostly I and Hardik Tamore (wicketkeeper) listen to his songs. I had celebrated a similar celebration during the last match too but then Hotstar did not show it. I had decided that whenever I score another century, I will celebrate like this.

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