Recommendation to install black box in electric vehicles due to incidents of fire

For some time now, the incidence of fire in electric vehicles has increased in India. Electric two-wheelers of many electric mobility brands including Ola, Ather, PureEV as well as the recent news of Tata’s Nexon EV car catching fire have forced government and non-government agencies to seriously consider this. Is. Now, as per the latest media reports, the Charge Point Operators Society (CPOS) of India has recommended a black box system in Electric Vehicle (EVs) batteries, to keep track of any untoward incidents like EV fire.

ET’s Report According to the CPOS, the CPOS has recommended that a black box be installed in the battery pack of all electric vehicles in India. Those who do not know, tell them that the black box device records all the information related to the vehicle. It is used in almost all aircraft. It is also called flight data recorder. In case of an accident, the cause of the accident or the problems faced by the vehicle are detected through this box.

The report says that the CPOS has also made safety recommendations for swapping and charging infrastructure. They follow the draft battery swapping policy launched by NITI Aayog.

“The battery monitoring system should also have black box features to capture the root cause of failure or fire,” the CPOS said. This will assist in identifying battery failures, unstable thermal behavior and associated risks.

Besides this, the CPOS has also proposed to make e-SIM or data connectivity mandatory to help in monitoring daily behavioral data of EV batteries. The CPOS has also recommended that there should be mandatory battery performance and timely recall. Apart from this, it has also been said that users should get real-time updates about the status of the batteries they are swapping.

CPOS is an industry body representing EV charging station companies. It claims to have 21 member states with over 3,000 EV charging points. Reports also suggest that on Monday the society members promised to install 4000-5000 EV chargers as a pilot project at over 2000 locations in Central Delhi.

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