Report: KL Rahul’s game is over in T20! Will not be selected in the series against Sri Lanka


There will be a T20 series between India and Sri Lanka in January.
Team India will play 3-3 match T20 and ODI series against Sri Lanka.

new Delhi. The current captain of Team India, KL Rahul (KL Rahul) has been seen struggling with his poor form for a long time. He has disappointed everyone with his performance in T20 World Cup 2022 as well. After this performance, the right-handed batsman also had to face criticism. At the same time, it is now being said that Rahul’s time in T20 format is over. A 3-3 match T20 and ODI series will be played between India and Sri Lanka from January 3.

The team for the series against Sri Lanka has not been announced yet. The old selection committee was sacked after the defeat in the T20 World Cup. Now this could be the last step for them. There is still a week left in the selection of the new committee. Due to which the team for the T20 series against Sri Lanka can be selected by the old panel only. According to PTI, there is a possibility of Rahul not being selected for the T20 series. Rahul’s flop show has remained intact even on Bangladesh tour after the World Cup.

Hardik Pandya will lead the team – sources

According to the source, ‘As of now it does not seem that Rohit Sharma’s finger will be fine before the T20 series and in that case Hardik will lead the team. As far as KL Rahul is concerned, it seems that his T20 international days are numbered.

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Virat Kohli can be given rest

KL Rahul scored 4, 9, 9, 50, 51 and 5 runs in 6 matches in T20 World Cup. This performance will play an important role in getting them out. At the same time, senior batsman Virat Kohli can also be rested for the T20 series. The young team which was selected against New Zealand, speculations are being made that the same team will perform against Sri Lanka.

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