Rishabh Pant is overweight, Pakistan’s legendary bowler gave advice to improve fitness

New Delhi. Rishabh Pant has impressed all the legends with his aggressive batting. Recently, he played an unbeaten 125 runs in the third ODI against England (IND vs ENG) and led the team to victory. Due to this, the team captured the ODI series 2-1. Apart from this, he also scored a century in the 5th Test played in Birmingham. Meanwhile, former Pakistan fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar, questioning Pant’s fitness, has given him a salad to reduce weight. Pant has also been selected for the 5-match T20I series against West Indies. The team also has to play 3 ODIs on the tour.

Shoaib Akhtar said on his YouTube channel, “Rishabh Pant is a fearless cricketer. He has cut shot, pull shot, reverse sweep, slog sweep and paddle sweep. He won the test match in Australia. Won the match in England. India also got the series on its own. Former veteran cricketer Akhtar has advised Rishabh Pant to lose weight while asking him to focus on his fitness. They believe that 24-year-old Pant can become a model and earn crores.

is a bit overweight
Shoaib Akhtar said that Pant’s weight is a bit high. I hope he will take care of it, because the Indian market is huge. He said he looks good. He can become a model and earn crores. Because whenever a person becomes a superstar in India, a huge investment is made on him. It is known that India also won the T20 series in England 2-1, while the Test series was tied at 2-2.

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The former Pakistan player said that the talent that Rishabh Pant has, he can put the opposition team in trouble. Against England, he progressed the innings according to the situation and then became dangerous. He said that he can take the innings forward whenever he wants. In the coming time, he is going to become a super star. If anyone can stop him, it will be Pant himself.

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