Rishabh Pant News: How did Rishabh Pant’s car meet with such a big accident? Mystery deepening with every claim

Haridwar. Cricketer Rishabh Pant was brought to Mumbai on Wednesday, five days after the fatal accident in Roorkee, Uttarakhand. Sources connected to the hospital where Pant was undergoing treatment said that there has been a ‘good’ improvement in his condition. However, the ligament tear in his leg remains a matter of concern, which may take a ‘long time’ to heal.

Rishabh Pant has been taken to Mumbai for the treatment of this ligament tear, but a big question still remains whether the accident happened due to careless driving or he had dozed off. An official of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has also rejected the theory of a pothole on the road that surfaced a day after the accident. NHAI (Roorkee Division) project director PS Gusain was quoted as saying that there was no crater at the accident site.

DDCA director told pothole responsible
In fact, Shyam Sharma, director of Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA), had told about potholes on the road after meeting Rishabh Pant at Max Hospital in Dehradun. He told media persons that Rishabh Pant’s car met with an accident while trying to avoid a pothole on the road.

At the same time, the policemen who took Rishabh Pant to the hospital in Roorkee initially said that Pant fell asleep while driving and that he was ‘probably driving too fast’.

Was Rishabh Pant driving rashly?
In fact, the records of the Transport Department show that Pant’s Mercedes Benz, which turned into a fireball, was challaned for ‘over speeding’ in Uttar Pradesh in February last year.

Eyewitness Parminder, who reached there after hearing the sound of the explosion, told News18, ‘It seems that the car was going at a very high speed’. At the same time, looking at a CCTV footage of the time of the accident, it appears that Pant’s car was running at a higher speed than ‘normal’.

However, on Sunday, the statement of Senior Superintendent of Police (Haridwar) Ajay Singh gave a new twist. He said, ‘We have checked the cameras, the vehicle was running at a normal speed of 60-80 kmph.’

Police is not telling anything about alcohol test
The interesting thing here is that when the top police officer of Haridwar was telling this, no police officer was ready to tell whether Pant’s blood alcohol test was done to check for intoxication or not. Generally, in cases of road accidents, this test is done within 12 hours so that it can be ascertained whether the person driving the vehicle was not under the influence of alcohol etc.

On the other hand, the local people living near the accident site pointed out the narrow stretch of the highway, which often leads to accidents. At the same time, NHAI’s technical manager Raghav Tripathi said that ‘a canal is creating this obstacle’. He said, ‘We wanted to take the canal away from there at our own expense, but the irrigation department refused to give permission. However, VK Maurya, Superintending Engineer of the Irrigation Department, dismissed the allegation saying that ‘we have not received any such letter’.

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