Robbed in broad daylight with Deepak Chahar, the one whom he made friend, took things from the room and ransacked! Wife also cheated – News18 Hindi


Deepak Chahar betrayed the one whom he tried to befriend
Gave proof by sharing the video of the hotel room
Wife Jaya Bhardwaj has been cheated of 10 lakhs

New Delhi. Team India’s fast bowler Deepak Chahar’s time is not going well. Chahar, who returned to the Indian team after recovering from injury in August last year, was getting injured again and again. For this reason, he has started being in and out of the team. Meanwhile, his wife was also cheated of Rs 10 lakh by a former official of the Hyderabad Cricket Association in the name of business. Deepak’s father has lodged an FIR in this matter.

Deepak had not fully recovered from this yet that he was robbed in broad daylight. Now you too must have been thinking that how can someone rob such a big player, then let us tell you that no human has done this loot, but Deepak has become a victim of a monkey. He has shared a funny video related to this on Instagram. This video is made in hotel room.

Monkey cheated with Deepak
Deepak is currently on a holiday in Rishikesh. He is staying in a hotel near Laxman Jhula. But even here he could not find peace. The way his wife was cheated. In the same way Deepak was also robbed in broad daylight. He tried to make friends with the monkey who was trying to enter his room. But, that monkey cheated and he entered his room and took bananas kept in the plate and became nine or eleven.

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