Robot Lawyer DoNotPay sued by law firm for not having law degree

At the beginning of this year, we told you that now the work of lawyers is going to be done by ‘robot’ i.e. ‘AI lawyer’. An artificial intelligence chatbot named DoNotPay calls itself the world’s first robot lawyer. This robot has been prepared by a startup named ‘DoNotPay’. This company usually helps people to deal with traffic challan cases. The company’s robot lawyer is now in trouble, as it has been accused of practicing law without a license. Chicago-based law firm Edelson filed a lawsuit on March 3. The ‘robot lawyer’ has been said to be doing his job without a law degree.

According to media reports, Adelson has Complaint I said that in reality DoNotPay Not a robot, lawyer or law firm. DoNotPay does not have a law degree. No lawyer supervises it. DoNotPay is said to have been used for minor tasks such as preparing demand letters, filing small claims court cases and preparing legal documents on discrimination in employment matters. But now it is being projected as a lawyer.

DoNotPay was created in the year 2015 to help people with parking related issues. It helps people in many legal matters, so that they do not have to hire a lawyer. On the other hand, CEO Josh Brower has expressed his anguish on Twitter after the Donotpay lawsuit. He has taken on Jay Adelson, a lawyer at the law firm Adelson.

In his tweet, Josh Brower wrote that bad news! America’s richest class attorney Jay Adelson is suing my startup DoNotPay. He wrote, Mr. Adelson is launching a legal attack on us and is seeking a court order to eliminate any AI product. Now it has to be seen how DoNotPay faces the lawsuit on itself.

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