Rohit Sharma vs others team india captain records in 2022 ind vs sa t20 series | Team India: Without this strong player, it is difficult for Team India to win! Giving data testimony

India vs South Africa T20: Team India has started the 5-match T20 series with a defeat. Team India is one of the best cricket teams in the world. The Indian team has played its sting all over the world, but in the year 2022, this team has appeared very weak due to the absence of a player. Without this player, the team has not won a single match this year.

Team did not win without this player

Team India is missing a strong player in this series. In the year 2022, the Indian team has not been able to win a single match without this player, this player is none other than Rohit Sharma, the captain of Team India. In the year 2022, without Rohit Sharma, the team has faced defeat in all the matches, while under the captaincy of Rohit, the team has won all the matches.

India’s performance in the year 2022

Team India has played 11 matches this year under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, in all these matches the team has won. Team India has played two test matches, 3 ODIs and 6 T20 matches under the captaincy of Rohit. Apart from Rohit, Virat Kohli, KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant have commanded the team in the remaining 7 matches. Team India has faced defeat in all these matches.

Rishabh Pant’s real test will be

In the series being played against South Africa, Rishabh Pant has the command of the team in his hands. Pant (Rishabh Pant) is taking over the captaincy of Team India for the first time. He is waiting for his first win as captain. The second match between the two teams will be played in Cuttack on Sunday. Rishabh Pant would like to win this match at any cost.

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