Rohit Sharma will fight with himself in the Mahamuqabala, why is the form not coming? Sehwag made it clear


Rohit Sharma’s form remains a matter of concern.
The Test Championship final will be played in June.

New Delhi. The excitement has reached its peak in IPL 2023. Some players have made a career path by spreading their shine, while the form of some remains a question mark. One of those names is also of Indian team captain Rohit Sharma. Rohit Sharma’s bat has looked silent in the IPL so far. His form remains a matter of concern not only for IPL but also for Team India. Hitman’s form can prove to be very effective in the final match of the World Test Championship.

Half of the IPL season is about to end, but so far only one half-century innings has been seen with the bat of Hitman. The matter does not end here, Rohit became a victim of duck out in 2 consecutive matches, after which the discussions about his poor form intensified. With this, an embarrassing record has also been registered in the name of Hitman. He has become the most duck out player in IPL. Virender Sehwag has shared his views regarding this form of his.

Rohit Sharma is confused – Virender Sehwag

The former veteran said on the live show of Star Sports, ‘Rohit Sharma’s fight at this time is not with the bowlers but with himself. There is a mental blog situation with Rohit. There is no fault in the technique of batting, just some confusion is going on in his mind. The day he comes in form, he will make up for it.

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