RR vs SRH: Rajasthan suffered a no-ball, Umran’s partner hit a six on the last ball to win Hyderabad


Sunrisers Hyderabad beat Rajasthan Royals
Jos Buttler played an inning of 95 runs for Rajasthan

New Delhi. Sunrisers Hyderabad defeated Rajasthan Royals in the 52nd match of IPL 2023. In the match played in Jaipur, Rajasthan batted first and gave a target of 215 runs to Hyderabad. Abdul Samad hit the last ball for a six and gave the team the victory.

In the last 6 balls, Hyderabad needed 17 runs to win. Sandeep Sharma came to bowl this over. Abdul Samad was on strike. Samad took 2 runs on Sandeep’s first ball and blasted the second for a six. But, Sandeep returned on two balls and Samad was able to score only 3 runs. Now Hyderabad needed 6 runs on the last 2 balls. Marco Jansen took 1 run in the fifth ball. Now 4 runs were needed to tie the match and 5 runs to win. Samad was on strike. He bowled a low full toss and was caught by the fielder at long off.

Only then the siren of the no-ball rang and the joy of Rajasthan’s victory evaporated within a few moments. Only 1 run came on this ball. Hyderabad got a free hit. Now the last ball had to be bowled again. Hyderabad needed 4 runs to win and 3 runs to tie the match. Once again Sandeep Sharma was expected to win the Rajasthan team. He tried to bowl the yorker. But, missed the length and Samad fired straight over Sandeep’s head and the ball fell across the boundary. In this way, taking advantage of the free hit, Hyderabad won the match on the last ball.

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