Ruckus in Uttarakhand Cricket.. Bribe, threats, 1.5 crores spent on board lunch! Big questions on team selection too

Dehradun. Due to a media report, there has been a stir in the cricket world of the state due to the expose of huge disturbances within Uttarakhand cricket. In the quarterfinals of the Ranji Trophy by a mountain margin of 725 runs After the defeat of Uttarakhand at the hands of Mumbai, there were allegations that the players were getting Rs 100 as daily allowance and they were forced to play due to hunger. Now these allegations are being denied, but more serious things are coming out of an investigative report, which is putting the Uttarakhand Cricket Association in the dock.

News9 has a via report Various financial, management and administrative malpractices have been exposed within the Uttarakhand Cricket Association. Misuse of funds, bribery, threats to life as well as players mentally harassed The cases till now are coming to the fore. Regarding such reports, Uttarakhand Cricket Association spokesperson Sanjay Gusain said that such reports are misleading and the association is going to take legal action against those spreading such news.

What kind of errors came up?
Despite the fixed allowance of Rs 2000 per day, News9’s report claiming that players are getting Rs 100 per day, claims of many other discrepancies have been made. Look at them in points.

1. The coach was paid 31 lakhs even though he had experience of playing only six first-class matches.
2. Rs 1.5 crore was spent on board members’ lunch.
3. There is a possibility of a big scam in the matter of team selection.
4. Jai Bista, the captain of the Uttarakhand team, has written a letter to the BCCI, telling about the financial irregularities of the board.

Allegations of mental harassment of players!
People questioning team selection are not trying to reveal their identity, but a cricketer’s father has come out in the open. The man who gave the surname Sethi alleges that his son Arya was On the bench for 29 consecutive matches was placed. Wasn’t given a chance to play. In December 2021, Sethi filed a complaint with the Dehradun Police, alleging that he received death threats and demanded bribes.

Uttarakhand Cricket Association called ‘Total Racket’ Apart from Sethi who said, a total of 173 complaints are against the association. These complaints were received from Dehradun to Haridwar but no action was taken on them. Sethi also alleged that the appointments here are being done on the basis of ties and behind-the-scenes negotiations. Here, Jai Bista, who has been associated with the Uttarakhand cricket team since 2020, has also made serious allegations.

Bista raised the issue of financial manipulation
in the report Jai Bista was quoted as saying, ‘My concern is on the financial aspect. no player from uttarakhand is playing ipl That is, earning something from domestic cricket itself. We are not getting the payments on time, DA is negligible. No cricketer from Uttarakhand is in good financial condition… We are asked to stay in five star hotels and eat at our own expense. Sometimes the quality of the food that is given is not good.

And what are you saying responsible?
While the association is shying away from the allegations in this whole matter, Uttarakhand Sports Minister Rekha Arya says that such complaints are not in their cognizance. However, Arya admitted that after losing by a world record-like margin. The reasons must be investigated. Arya says that the state government is trying to provide better facilities to the players. Here, association member Rohit Chauhan said that the players must get support from the management.
(With inputs from Bharti Saklani)

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