Russia Ukraine War world largest Plane AN 225 Mriya will be Rebuild for 40 billion rupees Russia destroyed it

The Russia-Ukraine War continues. At the beginning of the war, Russia destroyed the world’s largest aircraft. The aircraft, named AN-225 ‘Mriya’, was built by the Ukrainian aeronautics company Antonov. It was the largest cargo plane in the world. It is being told that the company is planning to rebuild this aircraft. The company said in a statement posted on Facebook that design work has begun on a second Antonov AN-225 cargo plane, although the relevant details will be revealed only after the Russia-Ukraine war is over.

This aircraft was destroyed in February. Then the plane stood for repair at an airfield near Kyiv. The company estimates that the reconstruction of this huge aircraft with 88-meter (290-feet) size wingspan will cost ‘at least’ 500 million dollars (about 40 billion 74 crore 02 lakh 50 thousand rupees). This cost can be more, because it is an initial estimate.

Bloomberg’s Report It is not yet clear where the money for this effort will come from. Ukraine’s economy has become very weak due to Russia’s attack. When this aircraft was destroyed, it was said that it would take 5 years to fix it and would cost around 3 billion dollars. Now the company says that about 30% of the components of the damaged aircraft can be used to make a new version. Several reports said that the rebuilding of the aircraft had begun. Although it is not so.

The 6-engine jet made its first flight in December 1988. This aircraft was also used for the transportation of the Kovid-19 vaccine around the world. When Russia destroyed this aircraft, it was promoted from Ukraine as a symbol of the country’s defense. Many ministers of Ukraine said that connecting the plane with the sentiments of the people, they will never be able to destroy our dream of a strong, independent and democratic European state.

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