Sachin made the captain, Dhoni was scared, stood outside the room at night… could not muster the courage to face


Dhoni did not want to go to Sachin Tendulkar’s room
Master Blaster had revealed after retirement

New Delhi. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who does not have the slightest hesitation in taking decisions in the field, is very shy in his personal life. Speaking calmly, measuredly and respecting the feelings of the person in front is included in his personality. Dhoni’s wife Sakshi is a big fan of Sachin Tendulkar, who is called the God of cricket. When the time came for the Master Blaster’s retirement, Dhoni got caught in a strange quandary.
Actually, before Sachin’s retirement, Sakshi wanted to take his autograph. Dhoni was then the captain of Team India and it was not difficult at all for him. However, Mahi was not able to say this to Sachin because of his nature. Finally, the last night before Sachin’s retirement has arrived. Now Sakshi’s patience was paying off. She decided that she herself would go and meet Sachin and take his autograph. After failing to convince Sakshi, Dhoni agreed to accompany her to Sachin’s room.

Mahi reached outside Sachin Tendulkar’s room with Sakshi, but did not dare to ring the bell. Sakshi was not ready to listen anything. At last Dhoni rang the bell and as soon as Sachin opened the door, he saw both of them and immediately invited them to come inside. But, Dhoni can only say that he wants you to give your autograph on this T-shirt. We’ll just go. Sachin said that it is okay, but at least come inside. Sakshi wanted to go inside, but Dhoni was understanding that what was happening on Master Blaster at that time due to being away from cricket, that’s why he was avoiding going inside. Taking the autograph, he came to his room with Sakshi.

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Sachin had recommended
Sachin Tendulkar had disclosed some time ago that he had recommended the name of Mahendra Singh Dhoni for the captaincy. After this, Mahi was appointed as the captain of Team India in place of Rahul Dravid. According to Sachin, it happened in England when I was offered the captaincy. I said we have a very good leader in the team who is still a junior and he is someone you should watch closely. Please tell that Sachin Tendulkar’s dream of winning the World Cup was fulfilled under Dhoni’s captaincy. In 2013, when Master Blaster decided to retire from international cricket, Dhoni was the captain of the team even at that time.

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