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Sachin tendulkar visited Sandalpur to attend an ngo program got emotional mpsg

dewas, Bharat Ratna master ballaster Sachin Tendulkar reached Sandalpur in Dewas district today. His visit was kept very secret. He had come to attend the program of an NGO. Whoever saw him was shocked at first, then started running after his convoy. Sachin remembered his father after reaching here.

Sachin Tendulkar attended the program of an NGO named Parivar here. In view of his visit, the police had made elaborate security arrangements. The general public was kept away from his program.
can’t believe my eyes

When Sachin Tendulkar’s convoy suddenly passed through Bagli, people were shocked. At first he did not believe it and then as soon as he understood, he started running behind the car. Sachin reached Sandalpur, the last end of Dewas district via Bagli by road from Indore. Although it was a private program, the local people were not aware of it. He had come here to see the fund work done by his organization.

if you were a father today
An NGO named Parivar Education Society is building its own building near Sandalpur. Sachin Tendulkar came here to see the work of this. It is being told that Sachin Tendulkar’s organization has also given funds for this. Sachin had reached here to inquire about the same. Later, while discussing with the media, he said that it was my father’s wish that I should give some funds for education. Fund was given for the same and now came here to get information about the work being done. Sachin said it would have been great if I had my father today.

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Fund for 2300 students
Sachin Tendulkar told that his organization has given funds for the education of 2300 students. His father also wanted me to do something similar.

The convoy has gone….
The great player, who is called the God of cricket, Bharat Ratna awardee Sachin Tendulkar, suddenly came to Sandalpur via Bagli, everyone was shocked and also gave happiness. He was accompanied by a heavy security force. But no one got the news of this. By the time the news came, Sachin’s convoy had left.

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