Sachin Tendulkar was also surprised by a surprising catch of the small tournament watch video


Fielder’s strange catch went viral on social media.
The fielder tossed the cricket ball into the air by turning it into a football.

New Delhi. Bat and ball game, in which many players touch big achievements with their talent. At the same time, for thousands of players, it remains just a dream. But now in the age of social media anything is possible. In cricket, some such videos come to the fore on the field, seeing which everyone’s eyes are dazzled. Many times the things that we get to see in small grounds are not seen in big games.

Today we are going to talk about such a video, where a cricket player tried football technique. This video is becoming increasingly viral on social media. This is a video of a small tournament in which everyone is surprised to see the technique of a fielder. The batsman hits a brilliant hit, after which the fielder standing at the boundary takes the catch. But the matter did not end here, after taking the catch, the fielder could not handle his body balance and threw the ball in the air. But even before the ball fell inside the boundary, the fielder again tossed it in the air with his foot.

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