Sam Curran wants to play IPL 2022 but did not give his name for Auction draft

During the Chennai Super Kings vs Rajasthan Royals match of IPL 2021, Sam Curran had a back pain, so he thought it was not a big deal, but later he came to know that he had a stress fracture, which took months to heal. Will go This is the reason why Sam Karan is not seen in IPL 2022 nor did he give his name in the mega auction of IPL. Although he is now recovering and is about to return to professional cricket, he said that he wanted to give his name in the IPL auction.

A test during IPL 2021 revealed that Sam Curran has been ruled out of the T20 World Cup 2021, while a second scan confirmed that he has a stress fracture in his lower back and will miss the Ashes series. . Although he was hopeful that he would definitely be a part of IPL 2022, he was advised not to add his name in the auction. He will now be seen in a new avatar for Surrey next week in the County Championship against Warwickshire, as a specialist batsman.

Karan told Cricinfo, “I had never been seriously injured before. It was very difficult for me because the two biggest tournaments in a cricketer’s life can be the World Cup and the Ashes series in Australia. I didn’t do much for the first two months because I needed a break. I also vacationed in Mexico for a few days and stayed away from the game. I haven’t had much time to think or rest in the last six years after leaving school. So it was a good experience. However, for the last two months I am looking forward to playing. Feels weird in such cold weather that the first match is just a week later. I want to get back on the pitch, stay fit and have a good season again.

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Karan may not be in the IPL, but he has played the role of an analyst in the Cricinfo T20 time out and after spending two seasons with CSK, his eyes are on his old team. He said, “I am very disappointed not to be there. That’s not a thing to see from home. I wanted to put my name in the auction but couldn’t. Maybe this was the right decision. Well, I am still bowling in the nets, but I probably would have had too much of the IPL on my body. I would definitely like to go back to the IPL because there is a lot of development in your T20 game. It is a place where all the crickets around live and eat and drink. You can have cricket talks with superstars over breakfast.

Karan said, “Still not being a part of the World Cup was very disappointing, especially because the injury happened two months before the tournament. It was very bad timing but you have to bear such things. Right now my goal is to start a good game with the County Championship. After that playing Test matches in June and finally the World Cup. After missing last year’s World Cup, I am more looking forward to this year’s World Cup. I want to get back on the pitch, stay fit and play a good season again.

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