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Sam Harrison hit 8 sixes in a single over scored 50 runs Herschelle Gibbs yuvraj singh Kieron Pollard | 6,6,6,6,6,6,6,6, this batsman hit 8 sixes in a single over, scored 50 runs

New Delhi: How many runs can a batsman score in an over. You will say that there are 6 balls in 1 over of cricket, if a batsman hits sixes on all the balls then 36 runs will be scored. But this batsman of the cricket world has proved these figures to be dwarf. He did that by which even the cricket pundits were surprised. Fans pressed their fingers under their teeth. Let us tell you what did that batsman do.

8 sixes in an over

Australian batsman Sam Harrison, playing for Sorrento Duncraig Senior Club, scored 50 runs in an over from Nathan Bennett. Bennett bowled 8 balls in the over which included 2 no balls. The incident happened during the 39th over of the game. After these feats, the Australian batsman completed his half-century in the 39th over and scored a century in the 40th over. When Sam was on 80, the last over of the innings was done in which he scored 22 runs in a stormy manner. Sorrento Duncraig scored 276 runs in 40 overs, which included a brilliant century from Sam.

Cricket world’s most expensive over

New Zealand cricketer Burt Vance is at the forefront of this matter. Vance, who played till first class cricket, bowled over 77 runs in 1990. This is still the most expensive over in first class cricket. In this over, Vance bowled several full toss no balls. During this, his balls were hit for five consecutive sixes at a time. This is also the most expensive over in the world of cricket.

When Yuvraj hit 6 sixes

3 players have hit 6 sixes in international cricket. Yuvraj Singh hit 6 sixes in an over of Stuart Broad of England in T20 World Cup 2007. After which he became a hero overnight. At the same time, the charismatic feat of hitting 6 sixes was first done by South Africa’s Herschelle Gibbs. He did this work against the Netherlands in 2007. Kieron Pollard hit 6 sixes against Sri Lanka.

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