Samsung customers bat-bat! The company will give 20 years warranty on these products.

For home consumer electronics, the customer often expects a great product that will last for a long time, for the money spent. Keeping this expectation of customers in mind, Samsung has announced a 20-year warranty on some of its products. The company has officially announced that it will give a 20-year warranty on some products such as digital inverters, motors as well as compressors used in refrigerators. That means for 20 years Samsung customers will get tension free service on the product.

Samsung has announced a 20-year warranty on its products. The company says that this step will help in making the life of the customers stress free from Samsung products. This will further increase the trust of the customers on the company’s products. Also, it will help in reducing electronic waste. One press release The company gave this information through which it has been said that a 20-year warranty will be offered by the company on the digital inverter, motor as well as the compressor installed in the refrigerator.

Giving more details about this, the Senior Vice President of Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India also spoke. Senior Vice President Mohandeep Singh said that they want to provide a permanent solution to their consumers so that the customer will not have to worry about Samsung products for a long time. For this, the company promises a 20-year guarantee on some products such as washing machine motor, refrigerator compressor and digital inverter motor.

In his statement, Mohandeep Singh further said that frequent replacement of home appliances increases the consumption of time, money and energy. This also generates more electronic waste. Hence, with this move, the company aims to reduce the amount of e-waste while giving peace of mind to the customers. The company has also released its information on its official website.

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