Saqlain Mushtaq Revealed in Shoaib Akhtar show how he developed Doosra ball while playing cricket on his house terrace


Pakistan also gave excellent spin bowlers to the world
Pakistani bowler learned bowling on the roof of the house

New Delhi. Former Pakistan spinner Saqlain Mushtaq is counted among the all-time great bowlers. He took close to 500 wickets including Tests and ODIs. Today R Ashwin or other spin bowlers are using ‘doosra’ as an infallible weapon against the batsmen. The credit for inventing it goes to Saqlain Mushtaq. Interestingly, Saqlain invented this doosra while playing cricket with a table tennis ball on the terrace of his house. Saqlain revealed this recently on Shoaib Akhtar’s show.

Shoaib Akhtar asked Saqlain Mushtaq questions about his bowling in his show. Meanwhile, Saqlain narrated the story related to his deadly ball ‘Doosra’. Saqlain said, “The era when I started playing, Imran Khan and Abdul Qadir were big names at that time. Both these players were called magicians. Seeing his bowling, I also felt that I should do something so that people call me a magician too.

Saqlain invented ‘Doosra’ on the roof of the house
Saqlain Mushtaq further said in this interview, “I used to practice bowling with a table tennis ball on the roof of the house. I used to try for hours to throw the ball in different ways. I tried to do something different. That’s why he used to bowl by gripping the ball in different ways. Today the world talks about the carrom ball. We had learned to throw this ball when we were 6-7 years old. While playing on the terrace, one day ‘Doosra’ was invented. I kept the grip of the ball slightly different and when I released it, instead of coming in, the ball went out. That’s where ‘Doosra’ started.”

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Saqlain took 496 wickets in international cricket
Saqlain Mushtaq went ahead and used the ‘doosra’ (ball) a lot against the batsmen in international cricket and he was recognized as a different bowler. Saqlain played 49 Tests and 169 ODIs. In this, he took a total of 496 wickets. Saqlain has more than 800 wickets in first class cricket.

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