Sarfaraz Ahmed has a strange hobby, he brings animals only one year before the sacrifice, why does he do this?


Cricketer Sarfaraz Ahmed has strange hobbies
Animals are brought one year before the sacrifice

New Delhi. The return of former captain Sarfaraz Ahmed to Pakistan’s Test team was spectacular. He scored 50 or more runs in all four innings of the 2 Test series against New Zealand. After this Sarfaraz also participated in the Pakistan Super League. Even in the league, he played valuable innings for his team on many occasions. He played the last match in the Pakistan Super League in the month of March. Since then he has not appeared on the field.

Apart from cricket, Sarfaraz Ahmed also has strange hobbies. In the podcast of Pakistan’s YouTuber Nadir Ali, he revealed that he is fond of sacrifice and brings animals a year in advance.

Nadir Ali had asked Sarfaraz in his podcast, “You bring big animals, rear them and then sacrifice them and all those animals are not less than 15-20 lakh rupees. So what’s the matter, where do you get it from? Responding to this, Sarfaraz had said, “This is a childhood hobby. Even if we do not want to buy animals, we definitely go to the market. He is very fond of raising animals. In my childhood, I used to bring animals 15-20 days in advance. Slowly when I grew up, everything changed.

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Sarfaraz further said, “We started bringing animals a year ago. I used to nurture them for the first one year and then used to sacrifice them. We feed gulab jamuns to animals and feed them curd trees. During this the interviewer asked, do you bring a goat? Sarfaraz replied saying, goats are not that much fond of. Our father was very fond of it.

Dhoni is considered a better captain
The interviewer asked him to choose a better captain between Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. Taking Dhoni’s name, Sarfaz said, “Dhoni is a better captain. We have seen his captaincy, he leads the team very well. He also supports his teammates very well.

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