Sarfaraz Khan along with Indian greats in first class Cricket as his average is more than 81 runs per match

Sarfaraz Khan, a middle-order batsman who plays domestic cricket for Mumbai, is in strong form these days. Meanwhile, Sarfaraz Khan has become the third player to have the highest average in the list of batsmen who have scored at least 2,000 runs in the Ranji Trophy. The names of legendary players like Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Vijay Merchant are included in this list.

Sarfaraz Khan has so far scored a century, a double century and a triple century in first-class cricket. He has scored 7 centuries and as many fifties in multi-day tournaments. During this time his average has been more than 81. Sarfaraz Khan has scored 2288 runs at an average of 81.7 and has become the third player to have the highest average in Ranji Trophy.

Only Vijay Merchant and Sachin Tendulkar have averaged more than the right-handed batsman Sarfaraz Khan in the history of Ranji Trophy. Talking about the batsmen who have scored at least 2000 runs, Vijay Merchant has an average of 98.4 in Ranji Trophy, who has scored 3639 runs in 32 matches. The great batsman at number two is Sachin Tendulkar, who has scored at an average of 87.4.

Talking about the Ranji Trophy 2022, Sarfaraz Khan scored a century in the quarter-final match, while in the semi-final match he managed to score a half-century. In both the innings of the semi-final match, he scored more than 100 runs and in the final match also he has scored 40 runs. Sarfaraz Khan is fond of playing long innings and he is doing so continuously.

Highest average in Ranji Trophy (minimum 2000 runs)

98.4 – Vijay Merchant (3639 runs in 32 matches)
87.4 – Sachin Tendulkar (38 matches 4281 runs)
81.7 – Sarfaraz Khan (23 matches 2288 runs)
81.7 – Russian Modi (29 matches 2696 runs)
81.2 – Rahul Dravid (48 matches 4874 runs)
80.1 – VVS Laxman (53 matches 5764 runs)

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