Scotland’s batsmen’s fierce form, stormy partnership blows Italy’s test, Samson-Huda pair behind


There was a big partnership between Sanju and Deepak Hooda last year.
183-run partnership between Ollie Hayes and Brandon McClan.

New Delhi. The Scottish team played a T20 match against Italy on Monday. In which the Italian team won the toss and took the bowling and hit the ax on its own leg. The two Scottish batsmen created such an uproar that the Italian bowlers had no break for it. Record-breaking partnership was seen between the two batters. After which the record of the Indian team has also been destroyed. The biggest partnership for the second wicket in 2022 was between Sanju Samson and Deepak Hooda.

When the Scottish team came out to bat, opener George Munsey lost his wicket for just 12 runs. But on the other end, Ollie Hayers had vowed to bring a storm. At the same time, Brandon McAllen also got into his color as soon as he arrived. Together, both the batsmen hit 183 runs. Oli Hayers played a stormy inning of 127 runs in just 53 balls with the help of 14 fours and 8 sixes. On the other hand, McClan, who hit 96 runs in 50 balls, missed his century by just 4 runs. But this pair has become the highest run-scorer pair in T20 for the second wicket. This partnership has defeated the partnership of Indian batsmen Sanju Samson and Deepak Hooda.

Sanju and Hooda wreaked havoc in 2022

Last year, Team India gave some new players a chance in the T20 series against Ireland. In which brilliant innings were seen with the bat of star batsman Sanju Samson and Deepak Hooda. There was a 176-run partnership for the second wicket between the two batters. But now this record has been registered in the name of Scotland. Now it will be interesting to see which team manages to break this huge score.

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Due to aggressive batting, the Scottish team set a mountainous target of 246 runs in front of Italy. In retaliation, Italy’s team got reduced to just 90 runs. Grant Stewart scored the highest innings of 41 runs for Italy, apart from this no batsman could even touch the double figure.

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