sean abbott deadly bouncer takes phil hughes life statements came after death of friend and shine star of australia cricket

New Delhi. The day of 24 November 2014 left an unforgettable wound for Australian cricket. 25-year-old budding batsman Phil Hughes died after being hit by a bouncer during a domestic match. News South Wales team bowler Sean Abbott hit the bouncer on Phil’s head. The ball hit the part of the neck below the helmet behind the head at a high speed and he fell unconscious.

Birthday was after 3 days

Phil was injured on November 24 and was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. He died on 27 November 2014 after being in a death fighting coma for 3 days in a Sydney hospital. 3 days talk Phillip Hughes was about to celebrate his birthday on 30 November. There was an atmosphere of mourning for the cricket world and the family.

Sean Abbott was troubled for many days

For a long time after this incident, Sean Abbott had put forth his point. He wrote telling his mind, I always liked bowling in front of Philip, he used to present a very difficult challenge for me. I knew very well that I would have to work very hard to get him out. I don’t think I could ever get him out.

When Philip was hit by the ball, I saw him getting uncomfortable and ran towards him. I was holding the right side of his head. Even after Philip was taken away in the medical cab, he did not stay on the ground for long and then returned to the changing room. After that when I went to the change room, I was feeling very strange. I was sad and could not think of anything. Was registering in the head. People were coming to me one by one but I don’t remember anything what all of them said. Everything seemed a blur and I was feeling faint. I was feeling very tired and I continued to feel so for the next several days.

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