Seeing the bad condition of CSK, Sehwag was furious, said- Captain making this player instead of Jadeja. Hindi News

Virender Sehwag on CSK: Four-time champion Chennai Super Kings (CSK) had a very poor performance in IPL 2022. This is the reason that this team is also out of the playoff race. First Ravindra Jadeja immersed the team a lot and after that even a captain like Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS Dhoni) is not able to do anything. Now after seeing the bad performance of CSK, veteran batsman Virender Sehwag has given a big statement.

Sehwag furious at CSK

Seeing the poor performance of CSK, Virender Sehwag has called some decisions of this team wrong. Especially Sehwag says that this team should not have handed over the captaincy to Ravindra Jadeja initially. Criticizing CSK, Sehwag said, ‘CSK had made a big mistake at the beginning of the season that Ravindra Jadeja would be the captain of this team in place of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. It was not a right decision. Apart from this, Dhoni further said that if Mahendra Singh Dhoni was given the captaincy at the very beginning, then this condition of the team would not have happened.

Apart from this, while talking further, Sehwag said that CSK did not have any stable playing 11 from the beginning. A star batsman like Gaikwad was constantly flopping. Sehwag said that the CSK batsmen did not score runs from the beginning and from there the team started sinking.

Jadeja couldn’t do anything

In IPL 2022 (IPL 2022), CSK’s Naya was already sunk by Ravindra Jadeja. Jadeja got the captaincy of this team even before the first match of the season. Jadeja captained the team in 8 matches. In which CSK team won in just 2 matches. This team had to lose the remaining 6 matches.

Used to field mostly on the boundary

Jadeja did not look very active under the captaincy and he used to field mostly on the boundary line by handing over everything in Dhoni’s hands. In such a situation, it is clear that this player does not have the power of captaincy. When this player could not run the team with Dhoni, then it is very difficult for him to run it.

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