Selection of two daughters of the city in the women’s Indian premier league an atmosphere of celebration in the family

Harikant Sharma

Agra. There is double happiness for cricket lovers on Monday. Cricket players Deepti Sharma and Poonam Yadav from Agra, Uttar Pradesh have been selected for the first Women’s Indian Premier League ie WPL. The selection of two female cricketers for WPL is a matter of great pride for Agra. In the auction, UP Warriors bought Deepti for their team by bidding Rs 2.6 crores. At the same time, Delhi Capitals have signed Poonam Yadav for a base price of Rs 30 lakh.

On the selection of Deepti and Poonam, there is an atmosphere of happiness in both the families. On their success, their parents say that we are proud of our daughters.

from your city (Agra)

Uttar Pradesh

People who are keen on cricket have their eyes on the Women’s Indian Premier League. As soon as the names of these two cricket players were announced, the happiness of their families and sports lovers of Agra city knew no bounds. The process of congratulating each other started. Incidentally both the players are Arjuna awardees. Now both are selected for WPL.

There is a coincidence with both Agra cricketers Deepti Sharma and Poonam Yadav that both the players have been a part of the World Cup runner-up team. Both the players have been ranked second in the T20 rankings. Besides, both are from the same city. There is a very happy atmosphere in the family of these two.

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