Shane Warne bowls the Ball of the Century on this day in 1993 to Mike Gatting

The great Australian spinner Shane Warne passed away in March 2022, but he is still immortal in the hearts of cricket fans, as he gave a new definition to spin bowling. Whenever there is talk of spinners, their name will always be taken. Warne may not be in this world today, but his contribution to cricket will always be immortal. One of them is Ball of the Century, which is now 30 years old.

Shane Warne, who played international cricket for about 15 years, made many records, but just 30 years ago today, Shane Warne had bowled a ball, which got the name of ‘Ball of the century’. This ball was bowled during the first test match of the Ashes series and from the batsman getting out on that ball to the batsman standing at the other end, umpire and fielders and all the spectators were surprised and now whenever that ball comes in front of the cricket fans. If so, everyone gets surprised.

Actually, in 1993, the Australian team was playing the Ashes series in England. The first Test match of the series was being played at the Old Trafford ground in Manchester, which started on 3 June. The first day of the match was in the name of Australia, who scored 242 for five in the first innings, but on the second day the Australian team was reduced to 289 runs. In such a situation, on the very second day i.e. June 4, the Australian team got a chance to bowl. Shane Warne was also part of this match, who was playing his 12th Test.

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Shane Warne was part of the Ashes series for the first time in his career, which was being played between the two countries for more than 100 years. In the Ashes series, Shane Warne clean bowled Mike Gatting in the very first ball. This ball was called ‘Ball of the century’, which is still mentioned with great respect in the cricket world. Warne bowled a leg break to right-handed batsman Mike Gatting and the ball turned very much outside the leg-stump and blew off Gatting’s off-stump.

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