Shane Warne was addicted to this bad thing, always used to do this work before the match

new Delhi: The cricket world is in shock due to the sudden demise of Australia’s great leg-spinner Shane Warne at the age of just 52. Shane Warne took 708 Test wickets for Australia in his 15-year career between 1992 and 2007. Shane Warne was also a part of many controversies in his career.

Shane Warne had a taste for this bad thing

Once himself, his fellow cricketer and former Australia captain Michael Clarke had told that Shane Warne was addicted to a bad thing and always used to do this thing before the match. According to Michael Clarke, Shane Warne often used to smoke cigarettes before the match. Michael Clarke said that Warne liked to smoke cigarettes. He used to threaten not to come to the training camp if he was not allowed to bring cigarettes inside the field.

Warne used to take him on the field

Clarke once said while talking in the Uncensored podcast, ‘Warne used to smoke cigarettes while going to the field. He used to try to hide her somewhere in the field itself. When he used to finish his cigarette and put it out, he knew that it was time for the match.

Shane Warne crossed that limit

Clarke said, ‘Shane Warne had crossed that limit and whatever happened off the field, he used to leave it there. He used to go to the field and put his full force and when he returned, he would know where the cigarette was kept. In an interview, Clarke had also told that once to keep cigarettes in his luggage, Warne had removed three pairs of undergarments, three pairs of socks and kept six packets of cigarettes.

Shane Warne’s career

Let us tell you that Warne is the second bowler in the world to get the most wickets in Test cricket. He took 708 wickets in 145 Test matches, including 5 or more wickets in an innings 37 times and 10 or more wickets in 10 matches. It can be gauged from this how lethal his bowling was. At the same time, he took 293 wickets in 194 ODIs.

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