Shikhar Dhawan do great acting refuses give water to father in Insta reel watch video


Shikhar Dhawan played his last ODI in December 2022.
He captained the ODI team against New Zealand.

New Delhi. Indian team’s dashing batsman Shikhar Dhawan is running out of the team these days. Despite this, he has no tension to return. Recently, questions were also asked to him to start in Test cricket. But citing time, he had said that now his Test career is over. Now he is enjoying life. Shikhar may be away from the cricket team but remains close to the fans through social media.

Dhawan is often seen in reels on Instagram. Meanwhile, one of his reels is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Shikhar’s father and his sister are seen in the reel. In the video, Shikhar’s father was seen asking him for water, after which Gabbar refused to give him water. Shikhar said, ‘I am not going, I am playing the game.’ That’s why his sister tells Shikhar to be Batmeez. He said, ‘Papa, this is only Batamij, go and drink Tussi yourself.’ Lakhs of likes have come on this funny video.

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