Shocking revelation of Sehwag, said- ‘He came and said I will be the next captain and then after 2 months…’


Virender Sehwag has opened a big secret regarding Greg Chappell.
Greg Chappell made a big promise to Virender Sehwag as soon as he arrived.

New Delhi. Former India cricketer Virender Sehwag is one of the best openers ever. Sehwag recently made a shocking revelation, whether Indian or foreign coaches are better than him or not? Asked to share your opinion on this. Answering this question, Sehwag revealed that when former Australian cricketer Greg Chappell became the head coach of Team India, he had promised the Indian batsman to make him India’s next captain. However, the promise was not fulfilled.

Virender Sehwag said in News18 India’s program Chaupal, “When Greg Chappell came, the first statement made by Chappell was that Sehwag would be the next captain. Don’t know what happened in 2 months that I was out of the team, let alone becoming a captain. Sehwag further said, “I have always believed that there are good coaches in our country who can manage the Indian team. That’s why we don’t need foreign coaches. But when I was playing, I asked my seniors this question ‘Why do we need another foreign coach after John Wright?’

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The former Indian cricketer said, “All of them (who spent a lot of time with Indian coaches) said that Indian coaches are sometimes biased towards players – some become favorites and those who don’t are dropped at the end of the line. is pushed into. So when a foreign coach comes, he will look at them differently. But to be honest, it is not likely. Even a foreign coach can feel the pressure of dealing with Tendulkar or Dravid or Ganguly or Laxman.”

Virender Sehwag also said that Gary Kirsten was the best coach when it comes to man management. He said, “I think the Indian team does not need coaching; He needs a manager who can strike and bond, make friends with all the players. A coach should know how much practice a player needs and Gary Kirsten was the best in that aspect. I play only 50 balls, Dravid 200, Sachin 200 and so on. After that, he will give us a break.”

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