Shooting became the passion of 72-year-old PC Jain, aiming for two medals, now preparing for the National

Report – Naresh Pareek

Churu. ‘The gun may have been dropped, but even after years this hand has not forgotten to fire the gun.’ Prakashchand Jain, a resident of Sainik Colony of the city, at the age of 72, by winning silver and bronze medals in the Rajasthan State Open Shooting Championship, has proved that courage should not grow with age. Jain is now practicing hard to play the nationals. The story of this passion of Jain is also very interesting because he was a shooting player in student life. For livelihood, he left his inner player but remained connected to the game. When he started playing again at this age, it also started due to a coincidence when he came to Churu after years from Delhi.

Jain told that he was interested in sports since childhood. He had joined NCC in Lohia College. During training, he was taught to operate a rifle. His interest in shooting started increasing from here, but there was no shooting academy then. He told that the resources were not available like today. He recalled that during the NCC training, teams from about four colleges had come in the 50 meter shooting competition and he stood second.

from your city (Churu)

Responsibilities freed the game, not attachment

According to Jain, after college he went to Delhi with his family and started a business. Due to his interest in sports, he also did business of sports items only. Due to increasing air pollution in Delhi, when he returned to his hometown Churu after 48 years, a lot had changed here. The shooting academy had also started. When I saw children shooting during the morning walk, the player in them also woke up. He told that without informing his family members, he went to the park to exercise and also practiced shooting by quietly collecting empty bottles from home.

hard work behind the medal

Due to the long gap, there was difficulty in learning. One day he met the coach of the academy, Bhagirath Swami, and came to know in conversation that he had been a shooting player. Jain then expressed his desire to learn shooting. But the demand of age was that he had the most difficulty in keeping the hand in one position.

For this, the coach started doing light exercises. When the process of practice started in the academy for about an hour in the morning, all the competitions were stopped due to the Corona period. After this, Rajasthan State Open Shooting Championship was organized in 2021. Jain told that there were different categories in the competition. He joined the senior citizen category. He told that when he reached the competition, hesitance was felt among the children, but there were also some senior citizens, although he was the oldest. Then after winning the silver medal, he was very excited.

Defeated the pain and won the medal again

Jain took part in the Rajasthan State Open Shooting Championship for the second time this year but before the start of the competition, he had pain in his shoulder due to keeping the pistol straight for a long time. Despite this, he won the bronze medal. He told that his score has also improved a lot as compared to last year. Now Jain’s desire is to participate in the national competition and win a medal. For this, he is also doing a lot of preparation. He says that success can be achieved by working hard with a goal, only need to believe in yourself.

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