Shubman Gill became a cricket hero in 23 years, now a superhero in the film world, created a buzz by becoming Spider-Man!


Shubman Gill stepped into the film world.
Runs Gill showered runs in IPL.

New Delhi. Many players in Team India are seen leaving a mark at the turning point of their career. But there is such a player whom it would not be wrong to call him a run machine. Everyone is surprised by the consistency of Shubman Gill, the young batsman grabbed the opportunities with both hands and made his name to the bowlers of the opposing team. Shubman Gill has showered runs, be it playing for the country or in the IPL. After becoming a hero in cricket, Gill is going to play his sting in the film world as well.

Shubman Gill, 23, shared a video on Twitter by Sony India. In which salami batter is seen sticking to the wall. Many people urge him to come down, after which Shubman shows his new avatar to the people. Actually, the next part of the film ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, which made a splash last year, has become a topic of discussion only after the ‘Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse’ trailer. The reason for which Shubman Gill, 23 year old batter is giving his voice in Hindi and Punjabi versions of this film. After which the fans are eager to see and hear this film. At the same time, Gill is also eagerly waiting for the release of his favorite superhero film.

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