Shubman Gill’s sister was in awe of Rinku Singh’s shirtless look! There was an uproar among the fans, what did Nitish Rana’s wife say?


Rinku Singh created furore with his batting in IPL.
Shubman Gill’s sister became crazy about Rinku Singh.

New Delhi. The fever of IPL 2023 raised the heads of the fans. This season proved to be one of the biggest examples of youth league. Once 23-year-old Yashasvi Jaiswal created a furore with his century. Sometimes a small batsman like Rinku Singh hit the tall bowlers for 5 consecutive sixes. Rinku Singh has made many people crazy by becoming Sixer King. This is the matter of IPL, but even after IPL, Shubman Gill’s sister Shahneel Gill (Shahneel Gill) has also been made crazy along with the fans by her hot look.

Actually, Rinku Singh is seen enjoying holidays in Maldives after IPL. He has shared some shirtless photos on his Instagram. In which Rinku is giving a great pose showing body and abs like Salman Khan. The eyes of the fans were dazzled by these photos of her, as well as Shahnil Gill, sister of Team India’s young batsman Shubman Gill, has also fallen in love with her. After seeing Rinku Singh’s hot look, Shahneel praised her in the comment and wrote, ‘O Hero’. After seeing this comment, there has been panic among the fans.

Rinku Singh Instagram Post

Shahneel Gill Comment

‘It seems that sister-in-law has been found’

After seeing the comment of Shubman Gill’s sister, fans are seen giving different reactions. A fan wrote in the comment, ‘It seems that sister-in-law has found Rinku Bhaiya’. At the same time, KKR captain Nitish Rana’s wife Sachi Marwah has also commented on these photos of Rinku. He has also created a heart emoji while writing ‘good’.

Rinku Singh blew the bowlers with his batting in IPL 2023. The 50 lakh batsman became famous overnight when he snatched victory from the jaws of Gujarat by hitting 5 consecutive sixes in the last over. After this the player did not look back. Rinku Bhaiya K. was discussed everywhere.

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