Sir Mohammad Rizwan! Before calling PSL great, see the strength of IPL and then compare.


IPL started in 2008.
PSL started in 2016.

New Delhi. Pakistan’s star wicket-keeper batsman Mohammad Rizwan has claimed that the Pakistan Super League (PSL) is the toughest and greatest league in the world. Speaking on the comparison between PSL and Indian Premier League (IPL), the star batsman from Pakistan has made some bold claims. However, the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has also shown some stellar performances over the years. In such a situation, Mohammad Rizwan feels that PSL is better than IPL.

In an interview with PakTV, Mohammad Rizwan said that players playing both the leagues say that PSL is more difficult than IPL. He said, “We used to say IPL is there, now if you ask the players who go back after playing here, they are saying that Pakistan has the toughest league in the world, because if there is a reserve player in it. If he is there, he is sitting outside on the bench at the international level.”

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Mohammad Rizwan also said that PSL has attracted a lot of attention across the world because of its quality. He said, “Obviously, everyone knows that PSL has taken the whole world by surprise. It was said in the beginning that it would not be successful and things would not fall apart. As a player, we also felt that its Nizam-e-Dhoom has created a buzz in the world.

However, Indian fans are reacting fiercely to this statement of Mohammad Rizwan. Fans are making fun of Rizwan and are also telling him by comparing IPL-PCL.

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Mohammad Rizwan is currently the captain of the team ‘Multan Sultan’ and he led his team to the PSL title in the 2021 edition. Rizwan has scored a total of 1446 runs in 56 matches in PSL in all the seasons so far. Let us tell you that the comparison between PSL and IPL has been going on for some time now, the scale of both the leagues is completely different.

IPL has been a pioneer in the world of cricket. Running since 2008 while PSL is relatively new. The most expensive player in IPL KL Rahul got a contract of Rs 17 crore and in PSL the most expensive player Babar Azam and Kieron Pollard get Rs 2.3 crore per season.

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IPL consists of 10 teams, while PSL is a league that hosts only six teams. Since its inception in 2008, IPL has played an important role in popularizing the T20 format all over the world.

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