SKY’s challenge becomes a problem, Rohit’s party spoils, Mumbai Indians in trouble even after victory


Mumbai Indians beat Gujarat Titans by 27 runs
Rohit’s team is at number three in the points table

New Delhi. After several golden ducks, Mumbai Indians’ Suryakumar Yadav’s poor form continued in the opening matches of IPL 2023 as well. Well, after a few dark nights, Surya showed his brilliance and thrashed the Royal Challengers Bangalore bowlers. In that match, Sky hit 83 runs in 35 balls. However, after this smoky innings, Surya made a mistake, which not only he but the whole team realized in the next match.

Actually, after watching Suryakumar Yadav’s stormy innings against RCB, Rashid Khan had said, ‘Where should we bowl to Sky’. To this, Surya replied in a challenging manner, ’12 ko meet Rashid bhai.’ Even though Rashid Khan took four wickets against Mumbai, he could not stop Suryakumar Yadav. Sky thrashed the bowlers of Gujarat Titans.

When Rashid, who was burning with Surya’s challenge, got a chance to bat, he left no stone unturned to answer Mr. 360. The Afghani all-rounder hit ten sixes in his half-century innings, while Surya could only hit six sixes in his century. From the upper cut to the helicopter shot, when the spectators saw Rashid coming out of the bat, they were only seen pressing their fingers under their teeth. Despite losing the match, Rashid Khan not only managed to win hearts but also gave a blow to the hopes of Mumbai Indians.

Rashid Khan’s miracle, a great record will be made in IPL 2023! For the first time in the league, there will be such an uproar

Net run rate will play a big role in qualifying for the playoffs. In the match against Gujarat, Mumbai had a chance to convert their run rate from minus to plus, but Rashid Khan dashed Rohit Sharma’s hopes. Despite defeating Gujarat by 27 runs, Mumbai’s net run rate is still minus (-0.117). Mumbai is at number three in the point table with 14 points.

Rohit-Rahul’s alternative ready, Team India gets new opening pair, one does air fire from first ball

Best innings of T20 career
Rashid Khan scored an unbeaten 79 in 32 balls at a strike rate of 246.88 against Mumbai Indians. This innings of the Afghani all-rounder is not only his best score in IPL but also his biggest score in his T20 career. Rashid, who hit a total of 33 sixes in his IPL career, hit 10 of these sixes in this innings. By the way, cricket history is full of such stories that when a player was teased, he retaliated in such a way that the opposing team could not recover from it. Yuvraj Singh’s six sixes were also the result of such tampering.

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