Sorting again in Facebook’s parent Meta! This time there will be so many thousand employees outside!

Facebook’s parent company Meta is going to lay off employees once again. This is the second time Meta has fired at employees. The company has announced to reduce 10 thousand people from the workforce in the second phase. About 4 months before this, in 2022, the company had reduced 11000 employees from the workforce. This is the company’s first layoff in 2023 but the number of laid off employees will be slightly less than those laid off at the end of 2022, it said.

running around the world recession Due to this, the process of people losing their jobs is not stopping. meta has announced its second layoff in the last 6 months. This time the company is going to lay off around 10,000 employees. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has indicated this. The employees have been informed about it. Soon the company is going to implement this decision.

shared on facebook blog post In Mark Zuckerberg said, ‘We are going to reduce about 10 thousand people from the team. And also the additional 5000 open recruitments which were to be done are also being closed. It will be very difficult but there is no other way. This means we have to lose the talented and dynamic people who have been a part of our success. They devoted themselves to our mission, and I thank them all personally.

Let us tell you that Meta had earlier announced to reduce the staff of about 11 thousand in November 2022, which was about 13 percent of the total workforce of the company. During various layoffs in the first month of 2023 1 Lac Nearly 100,000 employees had lost their jobs. This retrenchment included names like Amazon, Google, Microsoft. more recently ericsson Had announced the exit of 8500 employees from the company. This phase of recession does not seem to stop yet and the retrenchment of employees from companies is expected to continue even further.

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