Sourav Ganguly forced Rahul Dravid to do wicketkeeping for team India in ODIs

New Delhi. Sourav Ganguly is considered one of the most successful captains of the Indian team. It was under Dada’s leadership that Team India defeated the British in the year 2002 during the Net West series by hitting a mountain-like target of 326 runs on their own soil. After this, during the World Cup played in the very next year 2003, Team India traveled till the finals. Team India had to face defeat from Australia in the title match. Some people also know Sourav Ganguly as a very obstinate captain. They believed in doing whatever they wanted. This is the reason why his dispute with Greg Chappell was very much discussed. Due to this controversy, Sourav Ganguly had to lose his place in Team India. However, he later returned to the team.

One member of the team also became a victim of Dada’s stubbornness and his name is Rahul Dravid. Due to the obstinate attitude of Sourav Ganguly, Dravid, known as The Wall, had to do the work which he never wanted to do. We are talking about wicketkeeping. Dravid was not a professional wicketkeeper. Nevertheless, he did wicketkeeping in 73 matches in international cricket. From 1999 to 2004, Dravid caught a total of 71 catches behind the wicket and stumped 13 cricketers.

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During an interview, Rahul Dravid told about the whole episode of Sourav Ganguly blackmailing him for wicketkeeping. The Wall said that he never wanted to do wicketkeeping. “Sourav Ganguly asked me if you would do wicketkeeping. Would you try it? The last time I kept wicket in competitive cricket, I was 15.

Rahul Dravid said, “I clearly refused Dada. Then he said don’t do it friend. I said haven’t done since 15 years. I was not a good wicketkeeper. That’s why I had already given up wicketkeeping. I used to field in the slips. It is easy to catch the ball without gloves but in wicketkeeping you have to do foot movement too, in which I was very bad. This is the reason why when the ball used to go on the leg side, it used to miss.

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