star indian captain ms dhoni wife sakshi singh marriage anniversary 12 years indian team| MS Dhoni Marriage Anniversary: ​​12 years of Dhoni and Sakshi’s marriage, the love story of both is very interesting]

MS Dhoni: Mahendra Singh Dhoni has won many matches for Team India with his calm and clever mind. India has won all three ICC titles under his captaincy. Dhoni is counted among the best finishers in the world. He is famous for taking shocking decisions. On this day (July 4, 2010) Mahendra Singh Dhoni married Sakshi Singh. Today 12 years of their marriage have been completed. Their love story has been quite interesting.

Surprise the fans

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has always been famous for his shocking decisions. Whether it is to come up to bat in the final of the World Cup or take retirement from cricket on 15 August 2020. Every time he surprised his fans. Something similar is with their love story. He married Sakshi Singh on 4 July 2010. Today their marriage is completing 12 years.

Luck got along

After marrying Sakshi Singh, there were many successes in the career of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Under Dhoni’s captaincy, India won the 2011 World Cup title. At the same time, won the ICC Champions Trophy in 2013. The families of Dhoni and Sakshi already knew each other. When Dhoni was playing for Team India. Then he stayed in the hotel where Sakshi used to do her internship. Dhoni also has a daughter, whose name is Jeeva.

Team India won many matches

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has won many matches for Team India on his own. He is the most successful captain of India. Under his captaincy, India won 110 ODIs, 27 Tests and 41 T20 matches. Dhoni is known to score fast runs in the death overs. If India needed 15 runs in the last over and Dhoni was at the crease, then the pressure was on the bowler, not Dhoni.

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