Steve Jobs signature check auctioned 106985 dollars also got first official address Apple computer company more details

You must have heard about the auction of old special things many times. These can be coins, idols, or other metal objects. Their value also goes into lakhs. But can someone’s signed check be sold for Rs 88 lakh? it had been. A check signed by Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs has sold for $1,6,985. Which according to the Indian currency makes an amount of 87 lakh 94 thousand 220 rupees. Means this check has been sold for about 88 lakh rupees. After all, what is the reason that this piece of paper was sold so expensive!

steve jobs Known as the business magnate of the world. apple A check signed by the chief executive officer of the United States, which he signed in 1976, has sold for more than $100,000. As per Macrumors report, recently an auction was conducted by RR Auction in which this check caught the attention of bidders. Its price reached up to Rs 88 lakh. Steve Jobs signed this check for Crampton, Remke, Miller, INC. The check was special because Apple was started on April 1, 1976, which was Apple Computer, Inc. It was done in the name of It was created by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak together.


This check was signed by Steve Jobs in 1976. Apple was founded in the same year.
Photo Credit: Macrumors

Another major reason why this check is special is the address printed on it. The address is written on it – 770 Welch Rd., Ste. 154, Palo Alto, which is Apple’s first official address. You will be surprised to know that the check has been filled only for 175 dollars, which according to today’s price of dollars, it becomes approximately only 14 thousand rupees. This check is dated July 8, 1976 and was signed by Steve Jobs.

The check has been said to be genuine and the signatures on it are also said to be of Steve Jobs. This isn’t the first time a check signed by Steve Jobs has been sold. Earlier in 2022 Steve Jobs and steve wozniak A signed check was sold for $ 164,000 (about Rs 1 crore 34 lakh).

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