Strange coincidence! Two batsmen got out on 99 in T20I, played same number of balls and got same number of boundaries


Hales and Hem Shah out for 99 in T20I
Both had played 68 balls, hitting six fours and four sixes.

New Delhi. Dismissed for 99 in T20I: It has been 18 years since T20 International started. The first T20I match was played in February 2005 on 17 February 2005 between Australia and New Zealand in Auckland. So far in the history of T20I, two batsmen – Alex Hales of England and Hamid Shah of Denmark have been dismissed on the score of 99. Hales was dismissed for 99 against West Indies in 2012 and ‘Hem’ Shah in 2022 against Finland. A strange coincidence is associated with both these batters getting out.

Both these batsmen, who were dismissed on the score of 99 in T20 International, had played similar balls during their innings. Not only this, the number of fours and sixes hit by both of them was also equal. The interesting thing is that both of them scored this score as opener and their teams won the match.

On June 4, 2012, England’s Hales was dismissed after scoring 99 runs in a T20 match against the West Indies at Nottingham. In response to the score of 172 made by the West Indies, England (England vs West Indies) achieved the target by losing three wickets in 19.4 overs. The host team’s opener Hales became the victim of Ravi Rampaul after scoring 99 runs (145.58) in this match. In his innings, Hales faced 68 balls and hit six fours and four sixes. Ravi Bopara of Indian origin also scored an inning of 59 runs in the match.

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About 10 years after this innings of Hales, another batter was dismissed on a score of 99 in T20 International. On 5 May 2022, in the match against Finland, Hamid Shah of Denmark (Denmark vs Finland) missed a century by a margin of one run. Shah was unfortunately run out after scoring 99 runs. See the coincidence, during this innings Hamid Shah, popularly known as ‘Hem’, also hit six fours and four sixes while facing 68 balls. In response to Denmark’s score of 162 for 4, the Finland team was able to score 109 runs losing 8 wickets and lost the match by 53 runs.

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