Stubborn Pakistan threatens to hold Asia Cup in UAE if it doesn’t happen in Pakistan, if it doesn’t happen…

New Delhi. The drama regarding the Asia Cup to be held this year does not seem to be ending at the moment. The Pakistan Cricket Board has insisted on holding the tournament at its place and all the cricket boards including the BCCI have agreed to get it out. There is news that the tournament will now be held in Sri Lanka, regarding which the PCB has given a new threat. Najam Sethi says that if this happens, he will withdraw his name from the tournament.

BCCI secretary Jai Shah had made it clear to the Pakistan Cricket Board last year itself that the Indian team would not go to play at their place. After this, a hybrid model was proposed from Pakistan regarding the tournament. In which there was a plan to conduct all the matches of India outside Pakistan. All this did not work and now there is news of Asia Cup being held in some other country.

According to a PTI report, Pakistan Cricket Board chief Najam Sethi had a meeting with ACC officials on Tuesday, May 9. Where it was decided that his proposal to conduct the Asia Cup tournament in the UAE has not been accepted, so he will no longer participate in the tournament.

According to a PTI source, PCB chief Najam Sethi had pressurized the ACC to accept the hybrid model prepared by him for organizing the Asia Cup. If all the members want to organize Asia Cup outside Pakistan, then it should be organized in UAE like 2018 and 2022. On behalf of the PCB, the BCCI rejected the talk of summer in the UAE and said that the 2020 IPL was organized here only between September and November.

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