Such a big victory of Zimbabwe that Sri Lanka and West Indies came in panic, the fear of being out of the World Cup was haunting


Zimbabwe crushes USA by 304 runs
Fear of getting out haunts Sri Lanka and West Indies

New Delhi. The Zimbabwe cricket team is famous in the World Cup Qualifiers 2023. In the current tournament, Sean Williams’ team is still invincible. Champion Sri Lanka and West Indies teams are also in awe of the Zimbabwe team, which has qualified for Super 6 without losing any match. Zimbabwe, playing at home, crushed USA by 304 runs in the 17th match of the league. This is the second biggest victory of any team in terms of runs in the history of One Day International cricket. India is at number one in this list. Team India achieved the biggest win in ODIs by defeating Sri Lanka by 317 runs in the same year i.e. 2023.

A total of 10 teams were participating in the ODI World Cup Qualifier 2023. Out of these, 4 teams are out of the Super 6 race. The world is to be organized in India in October-November this year. Two teams from the qualifiers will qualify for the main draw where 8 teams have already reached on the basis of ranking. Zimbabwe’s team has defeated West Indies in the league. At this time she is looking very dangerous in her house. The hosts defeated Nepal in their first match, while trounced the Netherlands in the second league match. West Indies were defeated in the third match and USA in the fourth match.

Zimbabwe created history… touched 400 for the first time in ODIs, Williams played the captaincy innings

Zimbabwe’s unstoppable campaign continues
In the points table of the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier 2023, Zimbabwe are on top in Group A with 8 points from 4 matches, while Netherlands are second with 4 points from 3 matches and West Indies are third with 4 points from as many matches. . Windies have a worse net run rate than Netherlands. On the other hand, Sri Lanka is on top in Group B with 6 points from 3 matches. Zimbabwe captain Sean Williams played a blistering inning of 174 runs against USA.

Windies and Sri Lanka will have to avoid small mistakes
In the rhythm in which the Zimbabwe team is, it is not easy for any team to stop its victory chariot. In such a situation, it is an alarm bell for West Indies and Sri Lanka, who have been world champions before. If both the teams have to qualify for the World Cup, they will have to perform charismatically. Now even his small mistake can be heavy on him.

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