Such arrogance at the age of 22! Rohit’s batter misbehaved with Piyush Chawla, even Arjun was not spared, Bhajji got angry

New Delhi. Mumbai Indians had to face a crushing defeat by 55 runs in the 35th match of the Indian Premier League played at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Gujarat. The hero of the match is the young batsman Abhinav Manohar who took the match very far with Mumbai’s grip of 42 off 21 balls. Meanwhile, the most discussed is the behavior of Mumbai’s batter Nehal Wadhera. The fans didn’t like the way he behaved on the middle ground with senior cricketers like Piyush Chawla. His behavior with Arjun Tendulkar also remained in controversy. Harbhajan Singh, who is doing the commentary, also lodged an objection to the treatment of seniors like Piyush Chawla.

In fact, in front of the mammoth target of 208 runs, the Mumbai Indians team looked completely scattered. During the 13th over, Mumbai lost their fourth wicket. Then the score of Rohit Sharma’s team was just 101 runs at the loss of four wickets. Nehal Wadhera, who came for batting at number-7, attracted everyone’s attention by his strong performance with the bat. Nehal faced just 21 balls. During this, he hit 40 runs while batting with the help of three fours and as many sixes. Everyone was praising his batting with a strike rate of 190. However, by then the match had gone away from Mumbai’s grip.

Nehal’s misbehavior with Piyush Chawal Chawla

After Nehal, experienced spinner Piyush Chawla came for batting at number-8. Piyush played an inning of 18 runs in 12 balls in the match. Meanwhile, in the first ball of the 18th over, Nehal did the work of defaming the Gentleman’s game. He misbehaved with Piyush Chawla in the middle ground. The match had slipped out of hand. So many runs were needed in the last 12 balls that even the fans left their seats and started returning home. Nehal continued to complete his half-century here. In which he first got Piyush out and then refused to take the second run while batting with Arjun Tedulkar.

Runs were not scored on the ball on which Piyush was dismissed. Despite this, Nehal Vadhera started trying to run forcibly and came running to the striker’s end. When Piyush did not come out of his crease, he asked the experienced spinner to go out of the crease and save him. Piyush Chawla sacrificed his wicket showing a big heart, but Nehal’s signal to Piyush to get out of the crease went viral.

Arjun was not allowed to take the second run

After this Arjun Tendulkar came for batting and he tried to take double on his shot. Two runs could have been easily taken on this ball but Nehal Wadhera got his half-century in the round. Deliberately he did not take runs after coming to the striker’s end.

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