Sunil Gavaskar 1975 ODI world cup 36 runs not out inning cost India to big defeat against England


An innings of the Indian veteran he will remember for a lifetime
Scored 36 not out off 174 balls in 1975 ODI World Cup

New Delhi. The example of Sunil Gavaskar, one of the greatest batsmen of world cricket, is given in Test cricket. It was Sunil Gavaskar who broke the record of 29 test centuries of great Australian batsman Sir Don Bradman. In this format, he ruled for a long time, but when it comes to ODIs, he remembers a very disappointing innings. Sunil Gavaskar had played such an innings in the 1975 World Cup which stained his career and even today he is seen giving clarification about it.

Sunil Gavaskar’s name is taken with great respect not only in Indian cricket but also in world cricket. Everyone is crazy about the way he has batted in Tests. The kind of news that Sunil Gavaskar had taken about the dangerous fast bowlers of the West Indies was amazing. Whoever saw Gavaskar’s game live says that such a daring batting was never born again.

There is a saying that one bad thing overpowers 100 good things. Something similar has happened in Sunil Gavaskar’s career as well. He played such an innings against England in the 1975 World Cup match, which he himself would never like to remember. The reason behind this is the bad defeat of the team and no cricketer ever wants to remember the lost match.

Gavaskar’s innings which is better to forget

In the 1975 ODI World Cup, the match was played between India and England on 7 July. Batting first, England scored 334 for 4 on the basis of Denis Amis’s innings of 137 runs. Chasing the target, the Indian team was able to score only 132 runs for 3 wickets. The credit for the crushing defeat of 202 runs was mostly given to Sunil Gavaskar. Coming to the opening, this stalwart had scored just 36 runs after facing 174 balls. The amazing thing is that he returned unbeaten. Neither did he try to score runs nor did he get out. Even today questions are asked about this innings and Sunil Gavaskar somehow tries to prove himself innocent.

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