Sunil Gavaskar said – reaching the figure of 10 thousand was like climbing Mount Everest for the first time

New Delhi. In the Test match played against New Zealand at Lord’s, former England captain Joe Root played an unbeaten innings of 115 runs to win the team. During this, he also completed 10 thousand runs in Test cricket. He is the 14th batsman in the world to complete 10,000 runs in the longest format of cricket. Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar was the first to enter the 10,000-run club. On 7 March 1987, this veteran, popularly known as ‘Little Master’, completed 10,000 runs in his Test career while playing against Pakistan in Ahmedabad.

Sunil Gavaskar completed his 10,000th run by playing a late cut off Pakistan spinner Ejaz Fakih. According to the AFP report, as soon as Gavaskar achieved this feat, hundreds of cricket fans present in the stands congratulated him on the ground. Some of these fans even garlanded him.

Gavaskar said it was like climbing Mount Everest
Sunil Gavaskar talks to The Indian Express about the joy of entering the club of 10,000 Test runs for the first time. He then said, ‘I knew I needed 57 runs. I usually don’t see the score board. But once you reach 50 you get applause. At that level you feel. If I’m not wrong, I got my 50 runs in a single. So I knew that now 7 more runs have to be scored.

Gavaskar further said, ‘Once you reach 10,000 it is absolutely magical. Magical because it wasn’t done before. Not even 9,000 Test runs were scored earlier and I did. But 9,000 is a four digit number. 10,000 is a five-digit number, so it was almost like climbing Mount Everest for the first time.

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Route became 10 Hazari
Now former England captain Joe Root has also become a part of this elite club. Root’s current test average is slightly below 50. He has scored 26 centuries in Test cricket. Alastair Cook had scored more than 33 centuries in Tests. Root is only the second cricketer to complete 10,000 runs in Test cricket for England. He has scored 10,015 runs in 118 test matches. While Cook scored 12,472 runs in 161 Test matches.

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