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New Delhi. Sunil Gavaskar, the former batsman of the Indian team, destroyed big records during his career. He became the first batsman in world cricket who completed 10,000 runs in Test cricket. Gavaskar also led the Indian team. During his career, an incident happened with him due to which he had to be embarrassed because of a fellow cricketer! This was the period when the Indian team was on a tour of England. Test series was being played between the two countries. Incidents of stickers entering the ground during matches are common in England. These are those people among the audience who reach the middle of the field after getting naked.

A similar incident also appeared in front of Gavaskar. He told during a TV show that he was batting with Kris Srikkanth. The England Cricket Board had dropped Ian Botham from the team, which was also strongly opposed. Botham’s female supporter entered the field naked. She was holding a poster that read Bring Back Botham. Gavaskar told that during the match Srikanth was struggling a lot in batting. The ball was not able to connect with his bat.

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While telling this funny story, Gavaskar said that this woman was wearing very high heels. She was coming running. I signaled him to stop. So that he does not spoil it by climbing on the pitch with heels. Srikkanth was at the other end. So Tamil brahmin, he had never seen anything in his life.

I gestured to her and asked Cheeka, did you see anything? He said – don’t worry… don’t worry. Earlier the ball was not connecting with him. Later the fours and sixes he hit. I said son this is your secret. On this Shrikant said – you are also a man, you can also see a little there, can’t you?

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